Monday, 10 April 2017

How to deal with internet trolling

The definition of an internet troll makes interesting reading. So, who is an internet troll? He or she (assuming that there is a person connected behind; this blog post does not talk of AI (artificial intelligence); that is slated for another blog) promotes arguments via abusive blogs and articles, some of the blogs may contain bigotry, racist comments or spreading false news. The idea is to create a stir and cause distress mentally or financially or both to the victim. The common thread with most trolls is they remain anonymous hiding behind bizarre handles (online identity – internet persona).

Henry N Portner, USPTO tried his best in trying to figure out the identity of the vicious attack on his image and standing in the legal community. He is an expert in Internet Law, Bankruptcy Law, Mergers and Acquisitions among other specialties. As a long standing member and an outstanding legal luminary this 60-year-old man knew that he had enemies but did not expect such an alarming tirade. He was faced with increasing Henry N Portner misconduct false accusations. Within a short time social media showed a similar rant with the different heading of Henry N Portner, reprimand blogs.

Portner has much more experience than normal individuals with Internet fraud cases. However, even he was stumped at the anonymity of the creators. He began his fightback by posting online blogs detailing his career and how a reprimand by the State of Florida Courts happens to one and all. Every student at some time or the other may receive a rap on the knuckles. The trolls used the reprimand issue and questioned Henry N Portner ethics

 Henry also appealed to the Consumer Attorneys of America to investigate the false and misleading accusations. During this battle Henry kept his cool and wits about him by going about his business. To cut a long story short although Henry Portner had to face some loss of integrity he has braved the storm and come out unscathed.

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