Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Watch out the robots have evolved

There is a fierce debate about the evolving AI (artificial intelligence). Couched behind the idea that AI is benign technology savants such as Eric Schmidt of Google have reiterated that digital assistants and autonomous mobility reinforce the helpful nature of AI. Such considerations are far from the truth if Professor Stephen Hawking’s apprehensions are taken into account.

He has made categorical statements in the form of warnings that robots are evolving faster than the minds of Homo sapiens. Although he did not utter these words you can read between the lines when he says it is difficult to predict how the robots function – is it possible they may be the Hannibal Lecters of tomorrow? (Hannibal Lecter is a metaphor for describing brilliance with macabre).

Possible AI attack by robots on Henry N Portner
This gruesome comparison is necessitated because of the way the internet is adopting ‘false news’ as the holy grail. On the one hand news feeds are directed at us in such a way that meets our approval. Anything else which is contrary is perceived as ‘hate’ or ‘not necessary’. Negativity on the internet is disturbing and damaging as Henry N Portner, USPTO found to his horror.

The successful; 60-year=old attorney from Florida found his image being attacked viciously through blog posts that screamed headlines such as Henry N Portner, misconduct. Fortunately the issues were cleared and Henry N Portner went back to doing what he knows best – dispense solid legal advice to those who need it. His integrity took a beating for a short period but he is none the worse for wear.

Is the Henry N Portner case part of the AI evolution or were some nefarious characters behind it? The question is moot as several other similar cases have hit the internet.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Underestimating the threat of misinformation

The title is a sophisticated method of alternatively stating it as ‘Underestimating the threat of lies”. Falsehood, misleading statements are nothing new. Ever since Homo sapiens began to think (the big differentiator with other species) truth and lies have been a part of civilization. Till the 21st Century lies were part of people to people or Government to Government. The beginning of this Century communication exploded through the medium of the Internet. Sir Tim Berners Lee wrote the first protocol for the World Wide Web in 1989 and within a decade it became the de facto methodology of exchanging information.

At first as information became easier some people realized that it could be used as a means of misinforming a large body of people with misinformation. For example people have targeted leading personalities in certain professions with false stories such as Henry NPortner, USPTO. He is one of the top legal luminaries operating out of Florida. He practices in Supreme Court, Appeal Court and District Courts. Such is his standing, that he is authorized to practice in six States. 

He is a very experienced attorney and in the business for more than three decades. His hard won reputation took a beating when Henry N Portner misconduct stories started making rounds on social media. Taken aback henry Portner tried to find the source of these stories. The Internet is an ocean and despite being skilled he was unable to pinpoint the source. However clients were aware of Henry N Portner’s ethics which were solid and non-negotiable. He was able to sustain such threats and continues to counsel clients as before. 

Lesser mortals would have found the going tough. That is the reason why underestimating the threat of lies on the internet should not be taken lightly.